E-Books of School of Agriculture and Rural Development (SARD)

Program: Bachelor of Agriculture Education (B.Ag.Ed)


Title: Introductory Agriculture and Environment

CODE: BAE-2106
Title: Forest and Biodiversity

CODE: BAE-2301
Title: Techniques of Field Crop Production

CODE: BAE-1303
Title: Basic Principles Of Field Crop Production and Farming System

CODE: BAE-3301
Title: Vegetable Culture

CODE: BAE-1207
Title: Mother Tongue-Bangla

CODE: BAE-2207
Title: English - Oral Communication and Study Skills

CODE: BAE-4104
Title: Dairy Breed Improvement and Establishment Of Dairy Farm

CODE: BAE-3203
Title: Aforestration

CODE: BAE-3204
Title: Forest Nursery

CODE: BAE-6203
Title: Harvesting and Preservation of Fish

CODE: BAE-5204
Title: Principle of Education -3

CODE: BAE-1204
Title: Soil Science

CODE: BAE-5205
Title: Educational Evaluation and Guidance 2

CODE: BAE-2303
Title: Farm Machinaries

CODE: BAE-1305
Title: Husbandry of Domestic Birds and Hatchery Management

CODE: BAE-2202
Title: Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer Management

CODE: BAE-3202
Title: Irrigation System and Management

CODE: BAE-2205
Title: Fish Feed and Nutrition

CODE: BAE-4207
Title: Education Psychology-2

CODE: BAE-4301
Title: Fruit Culture

CODE: BAE-4303
Title: Diseases & Remedies of Domestic Animals

CODE: BAE-6204
Title: Cultivation Of Ornamental Plants

CODE: BAE-1102
Title: Seed and Seed Technology

CODE: BAE-3307

Title: Principle of Education 1

CODE: BAE-4206

Title: Shiksha Mulyaon O Nirdeshona 1

CODE: BAE-4302

Title: Control of Crop Insects, Mites and Rats

CODE: BAE-2304

Title: Husbandry of Domestic Animals

CODE: BAE-5201

Title: Crop Diseases and Weeds

CODE: BAE-3206

Title: Educational Psychology 1

CODE: BAE-5206

Title: History of Education 1

CODE: BAE-5207

Title: Statistics

CODE: BAE-5208

Title: Introduction to Computer and Its Use

CODE: BAE-6201

Title: Agricultural Extension

CODE: BAE-3205

Title: English: Reading and Writing Skills

CODE: BAE-4205

Title: Principle of Education 2

CODE: BAE-5202

Title: Diseases of Domestic Birds & Their Remedies

CODE: BAE-5203

Title: Fish Health Care

CODE: BAE-6206

Title: History of Education 2

CODE: BAE-6202

Title: Agricultural Economics

CODE: BAE-6205

Title: Educational Administration and Management

CODE: BAE-6307

Title: Educational Psychology