Program: Master Of Business Administration

CODE-MBA 3309 TITLE: Management Accounting
Unit No. Unit Name Page No.
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Unit-01 Management Accounting - A Perspective 1-70
Unit-02 Cost Terms, Concepts and Classifications 1-22
Unit-03 System Design-Job Order Costing 1-38
Unit-04 System Design - Process Costing 1-38
Unit-05 Cost Behavior - Analysis and Use 1-26
Unit-06 Cost-Volume-Profit Relationships 1-40
Unit-07 Segment Reporting and the Contribution Approach 1-53
Unit-08 Profit Planning 1-10
Unit-09 Standard Costing 1-08
Unit-10 Flexible Budgets and Overhead Variance Analysis 1-43
Unit-11 Management Control in Decentralized Organizations 1-53
Unit-12 Statement of Changes in Financial Position (SCFP) 1-75

Unit No. Unit Name Page No.
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Unit-01 Strategic Management: Concepts and Process 01-24
Unit-02 Strategic Analysis of Organizations 25-44
Unit-03 Industry Analysis 43-60
Unit-04 Company Situation Analysis 61-78
Unit-05 Formulation of Competitive Strategies 79-104
Unit-06 Non-Generic Competitive Strategies 105-126
Unit-07 Matching Strategy To Industry and Company Situations 127-148
Unit-08 Strategy Formulation in Diversified Companies 149-176
Unit-09 Strategy Implementation 177-198
Unit-10 Strategy Evaluation 199-208

Unit No. Unit Name Page No.
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Unit-01 Understanding Marketing Management 1-36
Unit-02 Market Oriented Strategic Planning 37-74
Unit-03 Managing Marketing Information and Measuring Market Demand 75-118
Unit-04 Analyzing Industries and Competitors 119-146
Unit-05 Differentiating and Positioning the Market Offering 147-174
Unit-06 New Product Development 175-204
Unit-07 Managing Life-Cycle Strategies 205-236
Unit-08 Competitive Marketing Strategies 237-268
Unit-09 Managing Product Lines, Brands and Packaging 269-308
Unit-10 Designing Pricing Strategies and Programs 309-340
Unit-11 Designing and Managing Integrating Marketing Communication 341-372
Unit-12 Organizing, Implementing, Evaluating the Marketing Activities 373-402
Unit-13 Social Responsibility of Marketing 403-424
Cases -- 425-458